Keep your distance from care home staff to keep residents safe

By 17th June, 2020 News Comments Off

Staff at our Braintree care home have been issued with special badges asking people to keep their distance – to help protect vulnerable residents from the coronavirus.

Having kept the virus at bay so far, the team at The New Deanery in Bocking had highlighted their concerns to managers that, as the current lockdown eases, the risk of coming into contact with an infected person increases.

CEO Julia Clinton explained:

As the country comes out of lockdown. the next few weeks and months are risky for all care homes even though our staff are being extra careful in order to continue to keep our residents safe.

“A member of the team was telling me how much they feel the weight of this responsibility. When in a busy supermarket recently, she noticed some inconsiderate behaviour and felt she needed a banner saying ‘I work in a care home – keep your distance!”

In discussion with the team, it was agreed that every staff member would be given a large friendly badge which politely says just that.

Julia added: “Everyone really likes the badges, and we are confident people will understand us doing what we can to protect our residents and our team.”

Photo: Care homes’ CEO Julia Clinton (right) with Janet Preece from the Activities Team