Survey of residents and relatives 2016

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In May/June this year we repeated our survey of residents and their relatives. We did this in order to understand what people think about the care and services we provide and to help inform our ongoing improvement plans.

For Sonnet Care Homes overall it is pleasing to see that not only have we maintained the very high approval ratings seen last year, we have also improved significantly in a number of important areas as follows:

  • Overall impression of service and care provided = 97% good or better (88% in 2015)
  • Visibility and availability of managers = 88% good or better (72% in 2015)
  • Food choice, quality and presentation = 92% good or better (83% in 2015)
  • Provision of a variety of meals/snacks and special diets = 94% good or better (76% in 2015)

For The New Deanery specifically a high % of respondents said ‘yes’ when answering the following key questions:

  • Are we caring?                                                                                                    100%
  • Do we provide care which is safe within a safe environment?         95%
  • Are we effective in meeting needs?                                                             95%
  • Are we responsive?                                                                                            95%
  • Is the home well-led?                                                                                        95%


Staff, Accommodation and Services

Key ratings for staff, accommodation and services are as follows (all % Good or better):

  • Kindness and respectfulness of staff                 100%
  • Communicating information to relatives          93%
  • Communicating information to residents      100%
  • Buildings and grounds                                            100%

Overall care

95% of residents rated the overall service they have received as ‘Good or better’, whilst relatives gave a 93% rating for the same question.